Aquatop Power Filter with UV Sterilizer

Aquatop Power Filter with UV Sterilizer

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Aquatops PFUV Elite Series of Power Filter is a revolutionary and flexible hang-on design that makes installation effortless. The PFUV Elite Series is equipped with an internal U.V Sterilizer Bulb to help control unwanted algae blooms and eradicate free-floating parasites such as Ich.

  • Perfect for Freshwater and Saltwater Aquariums
  • Built in UV Sterilizer for optimal filtration
  • Easy to Install and Maintain

The PFUV also utilizes a self-adjusting, built-in surface skimmer to help maintain optimal oxygen levels by cleaning the surface of the water and allowing for maximum gas exchange. Hang on back HOB power filter for easy installation.

PF25-UV: 90 GPH - 25 Gallons - 7 Watt
PF40-UV: 128 GPH - 40 Gallons - 7 Watt